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Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection

Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) ®

My Infrared Thermal Imaging camera will assist in my findings by seeing more than the naked eye.

Jim Horton is a certified Thermographer.

Some Infrared Thermal discoveries may include:

Who can bennefit from this Infrared Thermal Service?

  • Home Buyer
  • Home Seller
  • Construction Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor
  • HAVC Contractor
  • Electrical Contractor

HyTek Home Inspections will scan all electrical panels, floors, walls, ceilings, and attic areas that are accessible of the house and garage. Pictures are taken in areas of concern. Document all the findings into a simple to read professional report, which is emailed to you within 24hrs of the inspection.

My education and equipment is expensive, but the results are amazingly accurate. Well worth the extra dollars spent on such an expensive purchase.

Example for the Home Buyer: Mr. and Mrs. Happy Customer put an offer in on their dream home, contingent upon the Home Inspection. The initial home inspection (which is a normal visual inspection) reported the dining room ceiling as fine, and it was, to the naked eye, no stains, no apparent bulges, no sign of any damage.


Mr. and Mrs. Happy Customer were fortunate enough to have purchased the optional Infrared Thermal Imaging service. Because when the inspector was scanning his way into the same dining room ceiling, he noticed a dark area in the ceiling. This information lead him to get his ladder and moisture meter to further access the situation. There was now proof that water was in the ceiling in that particular area of the dining room.

The inspector doing his best to find the cause of the water infiltration went to the 2nd story bathroom just above that wet area, and discovered the tub shower unit sits directly above the troubled spot. Again, no apparent problems around the tub shower unit using the naked eye. After using the Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera around the tub shower unit, the same results, no problems detected.

The report would state: There is water damage to the dining room ceiling in that area, and suggest a professional plumber be called in to evaluate the situation.

It turned out to be a tub shower drain problem resulting in hiring a plumber to fix the drain and a carpenter to repair the ceiling. At a total repair cost of $600.




The above is just one example of how purchasing my Infrared Thermal Imaging Service along with a Home Inspection will help uncover more hidden deficiencies and unexpected cost in your purchase.

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More Examples:

Main breaker panel with a suspected 20 amp over-loaded breaker

The IR camera confirmed it was under a load, but not over-loaded

Anyone else is just looking around. ®



Serving the following Indiana cities.

Kokomo, Sharpville, Tipton, Greentown, Michigantown, Frankfort, Kempton, Swayzee, Converse, Russiaville, Burlington, Indian Heights, Plevna, Wawpecong, Phlox, Bunker Hill, Peru, Mexico,Twelve Mile, Royal Center, Logansport, Jerome, Sycamore, Curtisville, Hobbs, Goldsmith, Kempton, Middlefork, Beard, West Middleton, New London, Burrows, Camden, Flora, Bringhurst, Cutler, Judson, Wheeling, Lincoln, Deacon, Anoka, Walton, Galveston, Sedalia, Russiaville, Forest, Windfall, Rockfield, Burrows, Clymers, Onward, Lewisburg, Dunkirk, Adamsboro, New Waverly, Amboy, Marion, Lafayette, West Lafayette, Frankfort, Nobelsville, Carmel, Indianapolis