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Jim pointed out some issues on the property that I didn't know existed. I told my agent about them and asked to have the price lowered to compensate for these. She reluctantly offered the sellers a new deal. The sellers didn't want to budge on their price. I walked. I now have a new agent another offer and still have Jim as my backup man.











"Home Inspections, the way they should be!"


I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I didn't create the problem, I just found it...


Home inspections are a minor process, but may have a major impact!

 Inspector Jim

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Are you buying a Normal or SubStandard Inspection?

HyTek Home Inspections offers neither.

What I do have to offer is Exceptional Service, plus Extras to help minimize your risk.

Conveniently in-house: Home Inspections, Mold Inspections, Radon Testing, Water Analysis, Termite Inspection, Septic System Test, Infra-red Imaging Services,Quad copter aerial view.

Half price: If for some reason your purchase falls through on the first property I inspect. Hire me within the next sixty days and your second home inspection will be half price.

Infra-red Imaging Service: $150 value Included free with any home inspection. This tool allows me to quickly scan the interiors for any anomalies.

AC Circuit Load Tester: Being familiar with some tricks of a less than professional craftsman, I use this tool to identify "bootleg jumpers".

Low E Detector: This tool identifies where, if any, low E coating is located on thermopane windows. Yes it makes a difference.

Gas Leak Detector: This safety tool will help identify gas leaks inside the dwelling. On when I start, Off when I'm done.

Quad Copter Roof Inspections: Mainly used on steep roofs, hard to reach roofs, and unsafe to walk on roofs. This tool takes about 10 minutes to capture the roofs images. The videos and images will be reviewed at the office later that day.

Attic and Crawlspace: I will do my best to get into these two areas which are important for me to investigate for two reasons. 1) They usually arent traversed often. 2) The buildings structure relies heavily on these areas.

Not Your Problem: Until you go to closing. I can point out a problem. Tell you why it's a problem, and even tell you how to remedy it. The next step is up to you. I offer free consultation to my clients even after the sale.

Is a HyTek Home Inspector worth more money?

  • Home inspections are not a Speed Race. I'm in no hurry to provide a great service for you.
  • Home inspections are based on the inspectors "Opinion". My opinion is based on 38 years of hands on experience in the commercial and residential industry.
  • I have an excellent track record for finding property imperfections, just ask my previous clients.
  • My home inspection report states undisputable facts. "Fluff not included." If any disputs arise, get it in writting.
  • First Time Home Buyer's are encouraged to attend the entire inspection as home maintenance and system functions will be explained.
  • Real Estate Investor's can do no better than the cold hard facts I provide.
  • I'm a Full Time Home Inspector providing a stress free Real Estate Home Inspection.

seeing beyond with thermal imaging

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Twenty mile per hour winds almost prevented me from an aerial view of this steep roofed house. I did manage to get some good pictures with a major find. Ridge cap not fully shingled expossing the attic to the elements. Client was very appreciative, and I was again glad we purchased this tool.